Helping You Put The Colour Back Into Your Life

If you’re struggling to go it alone – don’t.

I’m a qualified transformational life coach based in Preston, Lancashire, & I’m passionate about helping people to work out what they want to do with their lives & how to get there.

Professional, insightful, non-judgemental & supportive coaching is available to help you get there right now.

Trying To Put Your Life Back Together?

When you’ve experienced life-altering events such as bereavement, illness or the end of a work or voluntary role and you feel that life has become grey and colourless, I’ll help you to:

Identify what’s most important to you

Set goals

Make achievable action plans

Put the colour back in your life

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Do you feel that it would be nice to reboot your life, to start over as somebody different, a new you?

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Mandy Stanton, founder of Life In Colour Coaching

What Is Coaching?

Coaching has been described as ‘a conversation with a purpose’.

It’s a way to talk through issues with someone outside the situation, who can help you to find your own solutions.

Coaching usually focuses on the present & the future, rather than the past
Coaches aren’t here to ‘fix’ you: we assume that you’re creative, resourceful & whole & can find your own solutions to problems, but we have the tools & techniques to help you to get there
Coaching gives you space to find solutions for yourself

“With high-calibre listening and incisive questions, people solve problems they thought were hopeless.
They build relationships and organisations that host an embarrassment of riches.”

Time to Think
Nancy Kline
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