Life is good when you get the help & support you need

Want To Feel More Like You Again?

When my husband died, I’d quite recently moved to Lancashire from the Midlands, so all the people who would normally have been my support network were 100 miles down the M6.

I still needed somebody’s shoulder to cry on though, so there were a few times when I cried all over people I hardly knew, because they were there at the right time and they seemed sympathetic.

I was lucky – they responded well, and some of them have become really good friends.

Asking for help or support isn’t always easy. It means exposing our vulnerability and admitting that we’re not perfect and we can’t do everything single handed. But nobody is good at everything!

In fact, sometimes it’s sensible to ask for help with things that we’re already pretty good at – the best athletes and sportspeople nearly all have coaches to help them to get even better at what they do.

It can sometimes be especially hard to ask for help from people we know, if we don’t want them to think worse of us, or don’t want to burden them – or maybe we think they’ll try to push us in a direction we don’t want to go in.

Just as athletes have coaches to help them get better at their sport, sometimes life coaching can help us see how to live our lives even better than we are doing at the moment.

We don’t have to have huge problems to benefit from that.